What are agents in AI?

Agents in AI are autonomous entities that can perceive their environment, make decisions, and take actions to achieve their goals. This includes software agents, such as chatbots or recommendation systems, as well as physical agents, such as robots or self-driving cars.

How do agents work in AI?

Agents in AI work by perceiving their environment through sensors, making decisions based on their perceptions and internal state, and taking actions through actuators. The decisions are typically made using AI algorithms, which can range from simple rule-based systems to complex machine learning models.

Agents can operate independently, or they can interact with other agents in multi-agent systems.

What are the applications of agents in AI?

Agents are used in many areas of AI. Software agents are used in areas like customer service, where chatbots can handle customer queries, or in e-commerce, where recommendation systems can suggest products to customers. Physical agents are used in areas like robotics, where robots can perform tasks in the physical world, or in transportation, where self-driving cars can navigate the roads.

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