Day 1: Speakers

Day 1 is a full day of TED talks about how AI is changing our view of the world and our social fabric across various disciplines and industries. Be prepared to be surprised.

First TEDAI2024 Speakers Announced
Jakob Uszkoreit

CEO and Co-Founder of Inceptive Nucleics Co-Author of seminal paper “Attention is all you need”

Joelle Pineau

Vice President AI research Meta Professor at McGill University

Harvey Mason Jr.

CEO of The Recording Academy GRAMMY Awards®

Carlo Rovelli

Theoretical Physicist World’s 50 Top Thinkers

Noam Brown

Research Scientist at OpenAI Building AI With Human-Level Strategic Reasoning

Jessica Coon

Professor of Linguistics at McGill University Linguistics Consultant for the 2016 film "Arrival"

Tri Dao

Chief Scientist of Together AI Creator of Flash Attention - Stanford, Princeton University

Paul Scharre

Executive Vice President at Center for a New American Security Author of "Army of None" and "Four Battlegrounds"

Aravind Srinivas

CEO & Co-Founder of Perplexity

Illia Polosukhin

Co-Founder, NEAR Protocol Co-Author of Seminal Paper “Attention is All You Need”

Guillaume Verdon

Founder & CEO Extropic Creator of TensorFlow Quantum

Stephanie Zhan

Partner, Sequoia Capital

Angela Dunning

Litigation Partner at Cleary Gotlieb Generative AI in copyright and IP

Surya Ganguli

Professor of Applied Physics, Associate Director of HAI Institute at Stanford and Venture Partner at a16z Andreesen Horowitz

Ethan Mollick

Co-Director, Generative AI Lab at Wharton University

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