Guillaume Verdon

Founder & CEO Extropic
Creator of TensorFlow Quantum

Gill Verdon founded Extropic, an AI hardware company, in 2022 to meet the demanding power and computation requirements of generative AI. Extropic is commercializing a novel approach to computing called thermodynamic computing, resulting in far more energy-efficient and performant processors for AI. Gill is also known under his pseudonym "Beff Jezos" online, spearheading a techno-progressive movement known as "e/acc", where he initiates conversations on civilizational progress and technology's impact on society. Previously, Gill spearheaded physics and AI research and development at Alphabet X, where he co-created TensorFlow Quantum (TFQ) in collaboration with NASA and Google. Gill did his PhD work and earned his Masters of Mathematics from the Institute for Quantum Computing and Perimeter Institute at the University of Waterloo.

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