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TEDAI For Good Hackathon is Back Too!


October 19 - 20, 2024 at

Our AI For Good Open Source Hackathon is an exciting competition that provides an opportunity for participants to showcase their coding skills, collaborate with fellow developers, and create innovative AI-based solutions, all to promote with the purpose of promoting open-source applications of AI to urgent societal or environmental issues.

If you're ready to showcase your AI skills and tackle some of the world's most pressing issues, then sign up for the TED AI For Good Hackathon and bring your ideas to life!

Our framework follows the categories of the United Nations Sustainability Goals

2023 Winning Teams Summary

VoteWise is your personalized voter education guide. Our app makes recommendations on who to vote for with detailed justifications for our recommendations based on a deep understanding of the candidates, the issues, and most importantly, of you. We built V1 of VoteWise during the hackathon to connect an individual's values and political preferences to the candidates they are most aligned with. V1 surfaced succinct summaries of candidate information and enabled users to ask questions through an interactive chat interface. For more information, you can contact George London at george.j.london@gmail.com

SelfActualize.AI provides personalized coaching with AI versions of your heroes, providing motivation and accountability to help you achieve your goals. It lets you to interact with your coaches frequently and on a long-term basis via SMS, voicemail, and video. We built our first app during the TEDAI Hackathon, and received strong validation in our vision! Please sign up for our beta at https://selfactualize.ai/ and get in touch by contacting Amit Bakshi at amit.bakshi@gmail.com

Beanie the Bunny is a friend who's always there. She's a cuddly toy who can talk to your child about anything age-appropriate while expressing emotion with her ears. Beanie plays games, tells imaginary stories, and helps children identify and process their emotions.

The overwhelming response to Beanie has inspired ‘Fawn’, a startup who builds toys to move children away from screens and into the real world. We're collecting pre-orders to demonstrate to investors that people want these kinds of toys made. Please pre-order if that's you! Contact us at info@fawnfriends.com

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