Jakob Uszkoreit

CEO and Co-Founder of Inceptive Nucleics
, Co-Author of seminal paper “Attention is all you need”

Jakob co-founded Inceptive in 2021 with the goal of enabling a new generation of medicines, reminiscent of software but running on our cells. Inceptive aims to accomplish this by learning life's languages with a unique combination of cutting-edge deep learning and novel, scalable biochemistry experiments. Before Inceptive, Jakob conducted research on deep learning, including co-authoring the research papers titled "Attention Is All You Need" and "An Image is Worth 16x16 Words". Widely hailed as foundational documents in modern artificial intelligence, these papers marked a pivotal moment as transformers evolved into the predominant architecture powering large language models and a growing number of leading vision and multimodal models. He also conducted research on neural networks at Google Brain, built the language understanding team of the Google Assistant as well as of many Search features, and worked on Google Translate during its early days.

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