Surya Ganguli

Professor of Applied Physics, Associate Director of HAI Institute at Stanford and Venture Partner at a16z Andreesen Horowitz

Surya Ganguli is a professor of Applied Physics at Stanford, an Associate Director of Stanford's Human Centered AI Institute, and a Venture Partner at a16z. Dr. Ganguli triple majored in physics, mathematics, and EECS at MIT, completed a PhD in string theory at Berkeley, and a postdoc in theoretical neuroscience at UCSF. He has also been a visiting researcher at both Google AI and Meta AI. His research spans the fields of neuroscience, AI and physics, focusing on understanding and improving how both biological and artificial neural networks learn striking emergent computations. He has been awarded numerous awards, including a Burroughs-Wellcome Career Award, two NeurIPS Outstanding Paper Awards, a Sloan fellowship, a James S. McDonnell Foundation scholar award in human cognition, a McKnight Scholar award in Neuroscience, a Simons Investigator Award in the mathematical modeling of living systems, an NSF CAREER award, and a Schmidt Science Polymath Award.

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