AI-Driven Decision Support Systems

What Are AI-Driven Decision Support Systems?

AI-driven decision support systems (AI-DSS) are computerized systems that leverage artificial intelligence (AI) to assist decision-makers in making more reliable decisions. These systems are capable of analyzing vast amounts of data, recognizing patterns, and suggesting solutions, which can be particularly useful in complex situations.

Are AI-DSS Autonomous Decision Makers?

No, AI-DSS are not intended to act as autonomous decision-makers. Instead, they serve as sources of information to help clinicians and other professionals make informed decisions. They provide data-driven insights and recommendations, but the final decision still lies with the human operator.

What are Some Examples of AI-DSS?

AI-DSS are used in various sectors and fields. Some examples of intelligent decision support systems include Flexible Manufacturing Systems (FMS), Intelligent Marketing Decision Support Systems, and Medical Diagnosis Systems.

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