What is AlphaZero?

AlphaZero is a computer program developed by DeepMind that utilizes machine learning and artificial intelligence to excel at playing board games at a superhuman level. It is a more generalized version of the AlphaGo Zero algorithm and employs reinforcement learning and self-play to train its neural networks.

How does AlphaZero learn to play games?

AlphaZero learns to play games through a process of reinforcement learning and self-play. It uses neural networks trained on large amounts of data generated by playing against itself to improve its gameplay over time.

Through this iterative process, AlphaZero is able to learn and adapt its strategies to become increasingly proficient at various board games.

What games has AlphaZero mastered beyond Chess and Go?

In addition to mastering Chess and Go, AlphaZero has also explored and excelled at other games such as shogi. It has been instrumental in exploring new chess variants, including sideways pawns, no castling, and torpedo chess. AlphaZero's capabilities extend beyond traditional board games, showcasing its adaptability and prowess in mastering a variety of strategic challenges.

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